May 25, 2015

We painted a wall today, the first wall we have painted since moving in almost a year ago. I love that my oldest helped. It would have been easier to do it when she wasn’t around. But I love that she gets to learn and be included in projects. In creating our home. 

And I love the color. I love it. This house has always felt so peaceful to me. My last house was inspiring. This house, peaceful. The color is perfect. 

In other news, I finally caved and put away most of the six month clothes to make room for the nine month clothes. My youngest has been “hulking out” of her sixth monthers for a little while, but I refuse to believe time is moving so fast. 

She’s also still sleeping in our room, and is rapidly approaching the weight limit on the bassinet insert in the pack and play. I know it’s time to move her to her room. I know it is. But I loathe the idea. 


However, I’ve been getting nervous about the weight limit predicament and I know, rather than remove it and change up the pack and play I should just move her to her room. But like I said before… loathe. 


This evening I took the insert out of the pack and play and set it up for her to sleep in it the regular way.  Next to my bed. 

I know, I know. But she’s got the rest of her life to sleep in her own room. 

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