May 26, 2015

Today I am reminded how important these little people are. These little hearts that we get for such a short time. 

There’s nothing more important than loving them with everything we’ve got for every moment we get. The laundry and dishes will get done. The cleaning can wait. I know you’re tired, exhausted even. I know you feel like you’ll collapse if you have to get one more snack or blow one more nose. 

But this is sacred work. Heart work. 

And someday, you’re gonna miss this so much it will break your heart. 

So sit your butt down and build a Lego house. Or get your butt up and push the swing. Look her in the eye and ask her what she wants to play and then do it. And then when it’s finally time for her to take a break, pick up the baby and snuggle her and tickle her and look into her eyes. Give them everything you’ve got. 

And when you need a break, step away. Breathe. Cut yourself some slack and take care of you, mama. 

And then muster your strength, remember what a gift these little humans are, and get back in there. 

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