Bring Your Own Hula Hoop


My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful winery with live music and good food and family.

Ironically, my favorite part of the whole evening was a woman I never even met.

When the live music kicked in, a pile of brightly decorated hula hoops appeared near the stage, as did a middle-aged woman in a colorful skirt. She gracefully began hula hooping to the music.

To be honest? At first I thought it was a little weird. It’s not very often you see a grown woman hula hooping in the middle of a dance floor in a winery. (Although I haven’t spent much time in wineries in the last 9 months so what do I know.)

But it didn’t take long before my six year old picked up on the invitation and joined her, hula hooping to the music. Pretty soon their was a mini hula hooping party on the dance floor. The crowd cheered and my six year old beamed. It was pretty fun to watch.

My daughter hula hooped for the rest of the evening. We had to tear her away to have dinner and cake, which she scarfed down in order to return to her spinning. At one point she had four (or maybe even five) hula hoops going. She was in heaven, oblivious to everything else (except maybe the crowd who applauded her and the band 😉 ).

As it turns out, the woman in the skirt decorates hula hoops and brings them with her. And then gives them away.

Maybe it’s my hormones or maybe it’s watching the sheer joy on my child’s face, but either way, I think that’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

It’s such a simple thing. And yet, it moved our evening from being beautiful to being magical.

We don’t have to make grand gestures or sweeping influences to change the world. We just have to find what we love and share it. 

When it was time to go, we had one exhausted little hula hooper. I reclined her chair in the van just a little so she could rest on the way home (which was the second most magical part of her evening 🙂 ), and watched in the rearview mirror as she moved her new hula hoop up so she could rest a hand on it as we drove.

“Will there be more days like this?” she asked.

Yes, baby. I hope you have a lifetime full of days like this.

Special Moments. Or Boogers. 

When we hang out and snuggle, she likes to rub my belly. Today she was doing it and I let myself entertain a little fantasy that maybe on some level she is already bonding with her baby sister. And how they’re going to be best buds and we won’t be able to imagine our lives without this new baby as soon as she is here. And how magical children are that they just “know” things even before they can really know them, you know?

And then I realized that, with her other hand, she is picking her nose. 

So there’s that. 

Daily Photo – March 8, 2015

What? You couldn’t tell these were little mermaid pancakes? 

Me neither. 

Making pancakes is kind of our thing. She has loved them since she was little. They are a weekend treat. It started with hearts. then Easter bunnies. Then people. Caterpillars. Butterflies. Now the little mermaid. 

Some days they turn out pretty darn good. Other days, they look more like this. 

But you know what? She loves them anyway. When she looks at one and says, “What is that supposed to be?” I ask, “What does it look like?” And she always has an answer. 

Because it isn’t about them looking like the perfect Pinterest Star Wars art pancakes. It’s about listening to her ideas and asking her opinion and creating something together. It’s about turning something ordinary into something magical. Together. 

I can only hope she will have as fond of memories of pancake art as I have. 

(I’ve included a few throw-back photos of pancake adventures past. )