April 2016

Ah, Memories. 

In case all the years of parenting are disappearing from my memory in my constant state of exhaustion, Facebook kindly reminds me. This is from a year ago today. Still makes me laugh. A scared laugh…

Lexi got in trouble at preschool this morning. She took her camera in her backpack (which I didn’t know) and was showing it to her friends and when she was asked (several times) to put it away she didn’t. According to her she was “trying to make sure everyone had fun at preschool” because her friends were “literally begging” her to see it. 
Punishment at home was no electronics for the rest of the day, and no iPad before school for the rest of the week. No big deal since it’s gorgeous outside, right?
She requests the t ball set and I get it out for her. 
Lexi – “What happens if it goes over the fence?” (Should have been my first clue)
Me – I don’t know. Try really hard not to get it over the fence. Stay back from the fence and hit it AWAY from the direction the fence is.
Lexi – ok. 
LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES LATER I look out the door to see the tball stand TWO FEET from the fence. I think “oh, surely she is hitting it toward our yard”
Nope. I watched her try unsuccessfully for several minutes to hit the ball over the fence, at which point she gave up and THREW IT OVER THE FENCE. 
And that’s not even the best part. She stopped and looked at it for a second, and then turned to come inside and tell me. THEN, she stopped herself, went back and got the tee and MOVED IT TO THE MIDDLE OF THE YARD. So it looked like that’s where she had hit the ball from. 
So. You people out there. You are my village. Get ready, because it’s going to take all of us.