I’m Back! Kind of.

Aaaaaaaaaand just like that it’s been months since I’ve written. Does time seem like it’s flying for anyone else or is that just me?

Here’s the deal. Summer happened. And having an extra kid around means the tiny little window of time I was stealing to write in disappeared. Not to mention we have cut screen time WAAAAAAY down around here (watch for a post on that coming soon). So cutting screen time for little people naturally led to cutting it for me as well. Which leaves a tiny window of time in the evening for me to get caught up on all the household things that didn’t get done during the day, clean up the tornado path the kids created, shower, exercise, speak to my husband, relax, and read something before passing out. Ha.

Did I mention the baby still isn’t sleeping through the night? Yeah, more on that in a forthcoming post as well.

So what have we missed in the last several weeks? The oldest started piano lessons, performed in her first dance recital, “graduated” from first grade, took a round of swimming lessons, turned 7, and broke her arm. Good times.

The middle has cried through two gymnastics classes so far and has learned how to hit. And by hit I mean people. We are working on that. Her vocabulary is still developing but there are also still days where I wonder if we will ever communicate effectively. Ah the roller coaster of toddlerhood.

The youngest is finally eating baby food. And cheerios. She has four teeth and will do “sooooo big” with her arms when prompted. And occasionally patty cake. She likes to shake her head no, crawl all over the place, and pull her self up on the sharpest edge she can find.

The whole family traveled to Wisconsin for a week, which was mostly successful considering traveling with little people can be horrifying, and it was actually even somewhat relaxing.

I’m sure there are things I’m missing, but the baby is climbing all over me trying to push buttons and the toddler is trying to smother her with a blanket in the name of peekaboo so my brain isn’t working.

Which probably doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the next part of this post where I promise I’m going to try to write more. But the truth is the posts are adding up in my head and I need to get them out to make space for sanity, because we all know the space for that is limited anyway.

So hopefully we will be seeing more of each other. Hope you all are having a great summer!


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